"Jack of all trades,*
master of none,
though ofttimes better than master of one"

How I might explain myself, tongue-in-cheek:
I would like to be the person you'd most prefer to have with you if you're stranded on a deserted island and want to survive.

But the skill-set related to island-survival is not really on display here.
This is a crafts-centered site, so here're some of the crafts I do: (and eventually I'll get the etc. page updated with content)

Crafts (et alii) List

Metal: foundry, cold-working, wirework, chainmail
Glass: lampwork, etching, engraving
Plastics/resins: thermoforming, casting, fiberglass
Fiber: knitting/crochet, needle felting, tatting, costuming/clothing (hats!), screenprinting
Paper: origami, kirigami, quilling, cardboard viking ships models
Stone: beading, carving
2-D (& related): matting, embossing, photography, graphics design
Food: cheesecake

I also fix things. (Broken furniture, computers, logistics, plumbing, essays, etc...)

I'm also an academic, through and through.


*Jack of all trades, also known as: Johannes factotum, homo universalis, Renaissance man, polymath, polyhistor, philomath... the list goes on. Think of it as akin to a human Google.com.