I generally dislike working with cloth, but I'm fairly competent if I need to be. I'd much rather be making props, though, so that's the bulk of my cosplay craft work.

A number of my pieces were given to friends for their cosplay costumes, though, so I don't have them anymore and am unable to get better photos.

Note: I sort of identify the series & character only for the props that I made. There are some photos with more than one character in it, but I only mention the ones pertinient to my craftwork.

FFVII: Aeris
Staff/cuffs (note the materia on the stick!)


A!M-s: Skuld


Kiki's Delivery Service: Kiki
RG Veda: Kendappa-ou
Broom, harp (finishing done by Thara)
(I did NOT make the hammer-staff for Skuld in this photo)


Twilight Princess: Zelda
Sword, belt trimmings, pauldrons

Escaflowne: Movie-Van
Lorica manica (segmented arm armor)


Prince of Persia: ... The Prince of Persia
Studded leather armor & bracers
(I also dyed the shirt, which used to be white)


FFVII: Vincent (Costume v.1)
belts/buckles/fittings, gun, holster, bracer (someone else made the base-cloak)


Full view of Vincent costume v.1


Closer view of (freaking) v.1 buckles & part of gun


Vincent's claw (v.2)


Vincent's claw (v.2)


Vincent's claw (v.2)