I do a fair amount of glass etching.

It started with a "I should make a shotglass chess set!" and then I etched some philosophers (Hegel, Marx and Nietzsche in honor of a class I was in), and then... well, I discovered that college age kids like shotglasses.

But my largest collection is still my philosopher shotglass set. Irony? Maybe.

I'm not limited to shotglasses, though. I've etched bottles, mugs, wine glasses, bowls, plates, spice jars, mirrors, glazed ceramics things...



Single glass with 4 pirates and a skull&crossbones. From top, clockwise: Cap. Jack Sparrow, Long John Silver, Sir Francis Drake, Blackbeard


Pair of Calvin and Hobbes glasses
(John Calvin & Calvin, Thomas Hobbes & Hobbes)


Descartes & Spinoza


Kierkegaard & Socrates


German Philosophers!
Hegel, Marx & Nietzsche


Radioactive symbol and biohazard symbol, only visible at bottom of glass (once you've consumed the contents)


Chinese/kanji for "love"


Chinese/kanji for "gratitude"




Chinese/kanji for "Tea Box"


Chinese/kanji for "wine" ("sake" in Japanese)


Neon Genesis Evangelion NERV logo


Rose etching on a vase


Champaign flutes with Bride & Groom etch




"Know Thyself" in pseudo-greek, pulled from Arkham Asylum comic


Darwin shotglass with chainsaw of natural selection on reverse (borrowed from Queen of Wands comic)


Bunny comic inspired set of shotglasses