This is the official site for my craft work (the sister site to this, Artificis, is my personal blog). Here, I will attempt to provide a professional-esque sampling of my craft work and information about the techniques, but for things like random cardboard viking ships, you'll have to turn to the blog.

Feel free to email me with questions.


Boulder Opal Chips (Matrix Opal), silver wrapped:

Scale: Largest stone, length of tip to silver eyelet at top: 2cm.


Note! This is not an online shop, there are no shopping carts here: this is intended to be a display of my arts/crafts. Think of it as my mini-art gallery. Some items are not for sale, but some are for sale, and in many cases I can come up with variations, alternates, etc to suit your wishes. Email me to discuss.

08/20/2007: Not much for substantive updates, but I did do some wire wrapping, so I've posted a sample photo on this main page, but the real updates are at Artificis.

04/28/2007: I have put up the Adopt-a-Pot page, if you are interested in getting any of the items I'm giving/selling/something. There are still more items I have yet to post, so you may wish to check the Adopt-a-Pot page periodically. (I'll attempt to have everything up by late monday/tuesday.)

04/16/2007: The cosplay sub-page is up. It is only accessible through the navbar menu via the &c page at the moment, though. I haven't figured how I want to do sub-page linking yet. Suggestions welcome.

03/31/2007: I've put up more ceramics stuff and split it into last semester/this semester's work. I've also ranted a bit in my about page; when I've not been running half a week without sleeping, I'll consider updating it to something less pompous/grating.
Oh, and I poked the text on the home page. I think that meant I typed new things up there and deleted other things, but at the moment I'm just kinda delirious and my head is leaking incoherent thoughts (brain drool!).

03/19/2007: I've tweaked the navigation bar, and put up the etched glass page. There's an email address up on the contact page, and I'm still staring blankly at the rest of the site.

03/18/2007: The basic chainmail intro, bracelets, necklaces and ceramics pages are up with thumbnails and full size photos. I think I did things to pages.

03/17/2007: Don't get too used to the daily updates to this site, it ain't gonna last [sic]. This time I've at least put up skeleton pages for links to ... well, link to. Content is coming eventually. Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath.

03/16/2007: Ironically enough, I had been procrastinating on updating my web page, but here's what I hope is the first of many updates to this site.